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INTIS  supplies quality banking equipment and related services which are adapted to individual needs and requests of our clients. By continuously tracking market trends and constantly improving banking equipment we have created a wide customer base which can be assured that their business will run perfectly in the hands of our reliable and quality devices.

In the banking equipment segment INTIS provides a complete service – contracting, development, design, manufacture, delivery, installation, commissioning, maintenance and service during and outside of the warranty period.

We offer the following banking equipment:

1. Equipment for banks branches:

– Counters and sorters for banknotes and coins, machines for packing cash, systems for managing waiting lines,   UV and advanced detectors

2. Treasury equipment:

– Coins sorter, devices for packing coins into roles, vacuum banknote counters, devices for vacuuming the money,  devices for banknote grouping

3. Self – service devices

– Devices for changing banknotes into coins and vice versa

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